This project is based on the recycling of plastics and incorporating the flat-pack concept giving a saving in freight costs.

The plastic product used in the punt is reported (90%) recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) with a density of 0.75. (fresh water is 1.0) so the material has positive buoyancy in fresh and salt water.

The recycled plastic is suitable for marine applications, will not rust, no electrolysis action, highly resistant to dents and is treated for UV resistance (suitable for outdoor use).

The Flat-Pack 3.6m Punt parts are cut out, routed and pre-drilled using a computer-controlled machine resulting in all the parts of the vessel fitting perfectly together with no cutting or measuring required to construct the punt.

All fasteners are stainless steel and supplied with the kit along with the sealant for the joints.

The assembled Flat-Pack 3.6m Punt is designed for use in smooth waters (Smooth waters include rivers, creeks, streams and lakes), with a maximum 3.7kw (5hp) motor.

Vessels 5m or less in length and less than 3.7kw (5hp) motor are not required to be registered in New South Wales waters.